03 May 2007


I signed a contract today. It's just a 2-week job but it's just what I wanted: something to do for a few days, a reason to get up in the morning and be really active but still not to long because the aim is still to find a "real" job.

I am starting tomorrow: nice present, huh?!!?


  1. Hi hi.
    Bon c'est déjà ça, et puis si le job en lui-même n'est pas un cadeau, les petits sous-sous qu'il te rapportera le seront surement un peu plus! ;)

    C'est un bon début en tout cas.

    Puss, puss, et bon courage!

  2. Anonymous3/5/07 23:04

    Congrats! I'm strating a new job soon as well. More info to come. Audrey

  3. Anonymous4/5/07 16:39

    Congratulations !
    2 weeks, that's a good start. And who knows, they may ask you to go back there.
    Gros bisous.

  4. Merci & Thanks. It feels good to be active again. =)

    Audrey: want the details!