31 May 2011


This house is located in the middle of Göteborg. Amazing, uh? I love walking around in the city because you always find this kind of hidden treasures. How unexpected! My house (building) is far from being pretty (build at the beginning of the 70's...) but I still have a lot of nature all around, it's very green and very quiet so I feel very blessed.

30 May 2011

Mexico vs Sweden

Do you remember this picture that I took during my last days in Mexico? (It was in this post).

Well, this is what I shot in Göteborg the other day...

The perspective, the evening light on top of the building... I think I see a pattern. Do you? ;)

26 May 2011

Love is all

Loved that ad when I was a kid, loved the music. Can't believe it was 20 years ago. TWENTY!!! How old am I really? Pffff... anyway, fun ad.

25 May 2011


Back and forward. I want to go back there. Hopefully this summer, I'll go again. But I also want to go back there. Back to my childhood memories. 'Cause there wasn't that many tourists back then. We had a flat very close so the place was ours. It was like our garden, our backyard. Pretty cool, uh?

Saint Jean de Luz - France

Click on the picture to see it full size, you'll be amazed.

24 May 2011


19 May 2011

I do!

Prepare your tissues before you press play...

Would you like a proposal like this? Or how would you rather have it?

14 May 2011

Where's Charlie

Last week-end I had a little trip. Let's play a game and see if you can find where I was....

In the morning I went running in this park. 

After that I took a boat (bigger than the one on the picture) and went to this part of the city to see a museum called FRAM in a cool building.

And from there I had a great view of the city with this big thing in the background, on the hill.

So, can you guess where I was?

EDIT: eh oui, j'étais bien à Oslo! :)
Le parc s'appelle le Frogner Parken et on y trouve beaucoup de sculptures de l'artiste (norvégien bien sûr) Vigeland. Le musée FRAM et le batiment triangulaire renferme un bateau construit dans les années 1890 et raconte l'histoire extraordinaire de marins et scientifiques norvegiens et leur aventure au pole nord entre 1983 et 1986. Et la vue sur la ville, et avec dans le fond, Holmenkollen et la piste de saut à ski.

05 May 2011


Blonds have more fun. Summer is coming. I want to have the same hair colour as when I was a child. I need a change. I like the way I look when my hair is lighter. I want to look more Swedish.

For all of these reasons (well not the last one, that one was a joke)... tada!

One More Time

02 May 2011

Elle + I = true

Elle US gets me. By telling them I like Sancerre and my ideal holiday would be snorkeling in Costa Rica, they can tell I'm more of the classic type. Amazing, uh? 

Source: ELLE USA

And you? What type does Elle say you are?