30 January 2010


En suedois ça veut dire dragon. C'est le nom du cinema où je me trouve et c'est aussi le symbole du festival.

Dans 5 min commence le film. Lourdes, film français comme vous l'aurez compris. La salle accueille plus de 700 personnes et c'est plein!

Verdict tout à l'heure. Rideau!

29 January 2010

Movie time!

Today starts Göteborg film festival. In 3 hours and 30 min to be more precise.

11 days. Around 450 films, short ones, long ones. Around 50 different countries and as many languages.

For me? 12 films. Mainly French (of course) and American. But one Irish too. But mostly French I reckon. But it's such a good opportunity for me! 2 movies today, 2 tomorrow and 2 on Sunday. Then one on Wednesday and the rest next week-end.

So there you go!

I may be mobile blogging about it this week-end. About movies of course! ;)

For more info visit www.gff.se (there's an English version too).

27 January 2010

Lorraine 2.0

There you go! I'm writing from my iPhone right now. I also took the pic with the phone, one two click, paf! It's the post. I knew this phone was great, i knew it was going to make My life easier. So here we go!


This white thing has just landed on my desk around 30 min ago. Good news for me, after all I've been waiting to get one for six months.

But good news for you too. It means I will be able to blog much more easily and more often, from the bus for instance. And I will be able to take some pics with it and post them directly with no excuse of being lazy to download the pics from my camera to my computer.

So if you just give me a couple of days to download the right applications, get used to it... after that. Here we go again!

13 January 2010