25 August 2011


Last July I went to Stockholm for two days to meet up with my mum and my aunt who were there for a whole week to see ALL the Royal Castles around Stockholm. They managed! And I saw the last one with them Ulriksdal. We went by car and it took 15 min max from the city centre. There is also a direct bus that must take no longer than 20 min + 5 min walking. A great spot to spend a sunny afternoon. Why not take a pic-nic next time?

A very nice garden and a great day!

22 August 2011

Back to the roots

I spent the first three years of my life in this town as well as every summer when I was a child. Since then I like to go back and spend at least a day there every summer. Like a pilgrimage. 

Do you know what city I am talking about? 

(I have a lot of pictures to show you from my holidays but I shot around 1,5 Gb so I need to download them first and sort them out.)

17 August 2011

Cuvée 2011

This *cough* *cough* was not in my luggage three weeks ago... Every year is the same. Or every time I fly back to France I should say. Every time I get home (to Sweden) with my luggage full of more things than I left with... 

I must precise. I didn't buy everything, thank god. I got some stuff from friends or family. Oh and there is one dress missing. Had to have it redone a bit. A 15€ sale from Zara.

Not much food this year, no space in the luggage. Need to learn to leave more space. But shoes and make-up as usual. And handbags. Only things I need of course. ;)

15 August 2011

Fable du jour

La Grèce, ayant chanté
Toutes les années de prospérité
Se trouva fort dépourvue
Quand la crise fut venue :
Pas un seul petit prêt
A faible taux d'intérêt.
Elle alla crier famine
Chez l'Allemagne sa voisine
La priant de lui avancer
Quelque fonds pour subsister
Jusqu'à l'embellie nouvelle.
"Je vous paierai, lui dit-elle,
Dès les réformes faites
Intérêt et principal de la dette "
L'Allemagne n'est pas prêteuse :
C'est là son moindre défaut.
Que faisiez-vous de vos impôts ?
Dit-elle à cette emprunteuse.
- Nuit et jour à tout venant
J'embauchais des fonctionnaires à mon aise.
- Des fonctionnaires ? j'en suis fort aise.
Eh bien! payez les maintenant.