31 August 2008

More pain

Remember this? The competition my sister did last year? Well she did it again. Except that it was 98 instead of 86 kms... Just a slight difference! Imagine, almost 100 km and more than 5600 m of altitude change...

It looked like that this year:

Like last year, my stomach hurt, like last year, I kept pressing the refresh button when she was supposed to pass the several stages and her name hadn't appeared yet. Like last year, I went to bed late and woke up early. Like last year The first thing I did when I woke up was to check if she was still running. And she was! At that point, I knew she was going to finish.

And she did it of course, she finished. In 25h56mn53s. And it was very tough. Out of 2000 people, around 700 gave up, 1/3!!! It was very hot, around 30 degrees and apparently very hard according to the competitors. I think she can be very proud that she finished. And she is she told me.

And I am proud of my little sister. And in around 30 min, I'll be able to give her a biiiig hug and congratulate her. She must have landed by now. The beginning of two years living together, yipee!!!

27 August 2008

Ma prochaine maison

I don't want to put too many pictures of the new flat yet because I feel that the furnitures and decoration are a great deal of how the flat looks like. And right now, and on the pics I got, it is still the flat of the current owner. So when I have moved in, when I have made it my own (well mine and my sister's), when I feel it is MY home and when I have taken some pictures.

THEN, I will put more of them.

But doesn't it have a faaaabulous potential? I already love it. Want to move, want to move, want to move... well the litterally moving part is not the one I am looking forward to but the fact of already living there. Just over a month now...

26 August 2008

Program for this autumn

Lots of things happenings, lots of things to write about:

-new flat
-new life with my sister
-the new mascara from Givenchy (it's great!)
-ideas of a new blog
-trips of visiting friends still to be planned
-a trip to Paris to plan
-another nephew on his way (landing some time around the 10th of september, he's still waiting for his did to be on holidays)
-ecological bread
-a couple of friends turning 30

and much more of course! But right now, I just want to sleeeeeeeeeep....

21 August 2008

Back in business

OK, time to reveal the results of the quiz. The correct answer was D, a flat!!!

Viriginie, Matthieu and Vickie guessed right; Fanny had the right answer but she already knew, hihi!I'll try to post some pictures this week-end.

Right now I'm back in Gothenburg. Back to the office as well... umpf, I wish I had stayed longer in France. But on the other hand I have finally started training again. I had trained close to nothing during the last month and I was feeling that I was getting all flappy and blah rather than fit. So on the gym level I'm back in business as well. It was tough tonight but when I left the gym after the shower, the weather was really nice after getting only rain since I've come back. Quite warm as well. Mmmmh! Nice!!

And for the blog as well, I'm back in business of course. Will post more often. Lots of things coming ahead, watch out folks!

04 August 2008

How it should be

I'm home. THe French home.
The sun is shining.
I've been swimming in our pool.
My little wonder Clément now knows my name (Yoyen is my name) and is asking for me all the time.
I'm eating French food, I'm drinking wine at every meal (no, not for breakfast!).
There's no alarm clock in the morning and no plans for the days.
Now is the first time I'm connected to the internet since Friday.
My phone hasn't rang once.
God, life is gooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gotta go folk; my glass is empty, keep guessing on my purchase and see you around!