25 April 2010


Blogging live!

This is what I'm doing right now. And outside!

24 April 2010

Have a nice week-end

I know I will. My good friend Anne-Aurore or Pruno as we call her is here for the week-end and she brought some presents with her.

Perfect right? That was just the beginning of the week-end... I have a feeling the rest will be just as nice!

20 April 2010

Lorraine 2.0

Dear readers, chers lecteurs,

I've been writing this blog for more than 3 years now and lately I have had struggling with inspiration. I was often automatically thinking "I should post about this" in the beginning, about a million things, things that happened to me, differences between France and Sweden, articles I had stumbled upon... This doesn't come to my mind anymore. Now it's more "what could I write?". I am not sure (and hope not) that my life is less interesting that before. I think it has to do with the fact that I spend less of my free time in front of my computer and am therefore less reactive to write about what I am doing.

At the same time, I have found new blogs that I like and often they have a very personal layout. I am getting more interested in the technical parts of blogs and would like to make this blog more Me in its appearance. The grey background and blue title is a first step in this direction.

But I think that changing the background is not enough. I shoud take the time to rethink what I want from this blog. And what YOU READERS would like to read. I will still be related to me and my interests of course but probably less of a diairy like it may have been sometimes.


En Francais
Je suis en train de réfléchir à la tournure que prend mon blog et ce que je veux en faire. Moins journal intime, plus carnet de collages de choses que j'aime, carnet de voyages. Je voudrais aussi lui donner une apparence plus personnelle, encore plus que les modifications faites récemment.


17 April 2010

Hier soir

Voila ce que j'ai fait hier soir. Après un tres bon bacon burger. ;)

15 April 2010

Still alive

Quick update to let you know I'm still there... Why am I not blogging more? I keep forgetting about it. And then it seems there is not much interesting going on in my life right now.

You know the usual routines: work, trying to go to the gym, trying to run for the half-marathon in 6 weeks (haaaaa, panic!), trying to go to be early.

But mostly: enjoying the nice weather we've had here these last few days. So nice! It's been quite a difference before/after Easter I feel. Imagine: we had snow until the 15 of March approximatively. Then we had a couple of days where the temperatures were around 6-8 degrees. Then I went to France for a week and now it's around 12-15 degrees. All this in one month! Ok we still have the crocuses so we're a bit late when it comes to vegetation but we're getting there!

And this week-end the weather is supposed to be terrible (bouh!) so maybe I'll spend some time inside and will have time to post a few pictures from my Easter week-end, who knows?

08 April 2010



No update here for the last few days because I was in France and I tried to enjoy every minute of it. I did. And I wished I had had more minutes... more days even.

Out of the few days I was in France, I spent some here: