24 December 2011


Merry Christmas!

15 December 2011


Often when my friends are coming for a visit from France, they ask me if I want them to bring me something. Like cheese for instance, we're French after all...

But who needs French cheese if you can have Kolibrie or Moulin Rouge brie instead?

13 December 2011

Lots and nothing

Haven't blogged in a while... I have been busy with a lot of things even if I don't have much to blog about. Some of the things I have been doing:
  • Hang out with Viviana and baby Laia
  • Take the train to Stockholm (and back)
  • Eat a lot of lussekatter (saffran buns) and pepparkakor (cinnamon and gingerbread cookies)
  • Drink some glögg (mulled wine)
  • Try to fix my shower stuff, not going too well... 
  • Hang out with my best friend Sophie who was here for the week-end (was GREAT!)
  • A bit of Christmas shopping and Christmas planning
That kind of stuff... 

05 December 2011

Saveur de l'année

Look what I found at my local supermarket on Sunday? Some cherry tomatoes. What's so special about cherry tomatoes you might wonder... nothing special, it's true. But check the language on the packaging. Nothing wrong with a packaging in French, it's true. But you are in Sweden and you see those tomatoes. With a packaging in French. With a sticker saying it was voted "Saveur de l'année 2011" (2011's best flavour)... well that starts to be a little surreal, right?