13 December 2011

Lots and nothing

Haven't blogged in a while... I have been busy with a lot of things even if I don't have much to blog about. Some of the things I have been doing:
  • Hang out with Viviana and baby Laia
  • Take the train to Stockholm (and back)
  • Eat a lot of lussekatter (saffran buns) and pepparkakor (cinnamon and gingerbread cookies)
  • Drink some glögg (mulled wine)
  • Try to fix my shower stuff, not going too well... 
  • Hang out with my best friend Sophie who was here for the week-end (was GREAT!)
  • A bit of Christmas shopping and Christmas planning
That kind of stuff... 


  1. - We need to hang out much more before you abandon us!
    - I will fix the shower for you ;)
    - Your friend Sophie is great!
    - We are going to miss you

  2. Mais tu ne nous dis pas ce que tu vas faire pour Noël! Tu reviens dans le sud-ouest?
    Et pour le réveillon du jour de l'An?!!
    Je fais ma curieuse, je veux tout savoir! ;) (et c'est quoi cette histoire de douche? tu as des soucis de plomberie? :( )
    Des bisous tout plein!

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  4. tu me donnes faim avec tous ces mots magiques: lussekatter, pepparkator, glogg...!!!!