30 May 2010

Good people

Today is my sister's last day to write her thesis, she has until midnight to send it to her teacher. Everyone who has ever written a thesis knows the last days are stressful, full of this feeling you will never have time to finish in time, that you should skip sleeping and showering and eating to earn a few but precious extra hours. Who needs sleeping and showering anyway?

Gratianne is calm. She's struggling and just taking pauses from time to time when necessary.

This morning when I woke up, I checked my facebook on my iPhone and the first post in the newsfeed was a post from Maite to Gratianne to check outside our door. As Gratianne was writing and I guess hadn't check her FB, I went and here is what I found outside our door:

There were two more bagels in the bag. Maite lives in our neighborhood, above an american dinner called egg&milk. One of Gratianne's favourite place here in Gothenburg, for their pancakes and bagels and all the good things of an american breakfast.

To this I have to add that Maite is studying a lot this week-end too: she has her last exam for the year tomorrow as well as a home exam to hand in. And yet, this morning, when she went down to grab a bagel for herself, she thought of buying a couple for Gratianne and came to our place to drop them in front of the door. How good a person has to be?

Just as good a my best friend Matthieu who has sent me another package.

You remember two years ago? That was Matthieu already And now he has done it again. For my bday. Before I went and collect the package, he said to me "it's just a small thing you know". Well no, it's a big thing to me! He thought of me, bought some French products I love that I can't find here: pâté, saucisson, chocolate and BRIOOOOCHE! He put them in a box together with a nice note and sent them to me. Matthieu you're the best!

Another best person is my friend Fanny who packed my Easter shopping like a professionnal and sent me the package the other week.

All this in May, my month. May is ending tomorrow but this year May will have been a great month. And I feel truly blessed that I have such goodhearted friends.

24 May 2010


Robyn is a Swedish singer and a very cool and very talented one. She released her latest album in 2005 and was touring for a very long time with it: Sweden, Europe, England, USA and she got a lot of #1 songs in the charts in the UK and USA. Perez Hilton is a big fan of hers. I saw her last summer here in Göteborg at the Way Out West festival. It was her latest performance before she went to the studio to record new material. So now, five years later, she has a lot of songs ready. Enough to make three albums she said, and she's going to release those three. 3 albums in one year!

This song is the second single to be released. The video was made available on Thursday: enjoy!

20 May 2010

The thin blue line

Can you see the blue line on the road? On Saturday, I'm going to follow it for 21,098km. Yep! 21,098 that's the official length of a semi-marathon. And on Saturday it's time for Göteborg's semi, one of the largest in the world with more around 58.000 participants. And me! :)

18 May 2010

Survival kit

Here is what I found on my bed when I came home today. Big smile on my face when I recognized the handwriting. :)

As you can imagine, I started to open it STRAIGHTAWAY!

Oh! I just love to receive packages or "survival kits as" I like to call them. Especially when they are nicely packed like this.

What's in it? Well, if it's a survival kit it has to include chocolate! Those 5 (see below) + the 7 or 8 packs mum brought this week-end should be enough for a couple of days... Hehe! It will actually last a couple of month.

Another essential element of a survival kit, especially if it come from France, is beauty products: shower gels, body lotion, foot scrub, etc...
Of couuuurse I could find some here in Sweden but not those brands. Here you have either boring Nivea and L'Oréal or expensive Dior & co and not much in between. No fun and cheap brand such as Le Petit Marseillais.

How could the wonderful sender know all the products I wanted? She didn't exactly. Actually I bought all this myself when I was at Fanny's place in Avignon for Easter. And as it was too heavy to carry, she kindly offered me to ship them. My own post service deluxe.

Fanny darling, I owe you one. Big time!!!

14 May 2010


In a couple of minutes, the wonderful lady in the middle is landing in Göteborg, Sweden. Can't wait!!

Who is she? My beloved mum!
Why is she coming? She's here for the weekend to celebrate her 60 and my sister's 25 year old birthday.
Are we going to have a good time the three girls together? Oh yeah! =)

NB: the picture was taken a year ago at my cousin's wedding. In case you wonder why we're so dressup up on the picture. ;)

10 May 2010

Are you happy?

07 May 2010

After spring comes summer

And it shouldn't be long... I took this picture around 10-15 min ago, which means around 21.50.

Amazing uh?

Spring is in the air

Ok we're late compared to other countries like France but it doesn't matter. It's still beautiful!

06 May 2010

Va dans ta chambre!

Ca vous rappelle des souvenirs? Voici le top 21 des phrases cultes de nos mamans:
  1. J’en ai marre de répéter cent fois la même chose.
  2. C’est pas bientôt fini, cette comédie ?
  3. Arrête de renifler, mouche-toi.
  4. Je n’ai pas entendu le mot magique.
  5. Ne dis pas « J’aime pas »: tu n’as même pas goûté.
  6. File dans ta chambre !
  7. Dépêche-toi, tu vas être en retard !
  8. Ne te bourre pas de pain.
  9. Mange : c’est plein de vitamines.
  10. Pipi, les dents et au lit !
  11. Ca suffit maintenant avec cet ordinateur.
  12. Arrêtez de vous disputer.
  13. On ne parle pas la bouche pleine !
  14. Attention ! Je compte jusqu’à trois …
  15. C’est pas un hôtel ici !
  16. A table les enfants !
  17. Il faut manger un peu de tout.
  18. Baisse cette musique immédiatement !
  19. Mais qu’est ce que j’ai fait au bon Dieu pour avoir des enfants pareils ?
  20. Eteins cette télé !
  21. Ne bois pas à la bouteille.
J'en ai entendu la plupart dans mon enfance et quelque chose me dit que si j'ai des enfants un jour, je devrai surement en réutiliser une partie...

Si vous aimez ce genre de listes rigolotes, vous en trouverez plein sur http://www.topito.com

PS: tant que vous y êtes, allez voir cette liste, elle est excellente!

03 May 2010


May is the best month of the year! It proved so already yesterday. First I went running with some friends for our semi-marathon race in 3 weeks and I managed to run almost 13km, which is the most I've been able to run this year because of muscular/tendinous problems. So I was happy with my performance.

After that I joined my friends and we went to a little market but there was not much interesting and we didn't find anything. Instead we went for a fika: apple pie and hot chocolate for me. Probably ruined all the efforts from the morning but nevermind! I was worth this nice treat.

The weather was really nice and here is yesterday's outfit. I love it!

I especially love my ring that I bought at Hammarkullen festival last year where I went with some friends. I'm looking forward to this year edition to buy maybe more jewelry and eat plenty of food from all over the world.

Friends, fashion & food, can it get better?

01 May 2010


Grey or ice blue?