18 May 2010

Survival kit

Here is what I found on my bed when I came home today. Big smile on my face when I recognized the handwriting. :)

As you can imagine, I started to open it STRAIGHTAWAY!

Oh! I just love to receive packages or "survival kits as" I like to call them. Especially when they are nicely packed like this.

What's in it? Well, if it's a survival kit it has to include chocolate! Those 5 (see below) + the 7 or 8 packs mum brought this week-end should be enough for a couple of days... Hehe! It will actually last a couple of month.

Another essential element of a survival kit, especially if it come from France, is beauty products: shower gels, body lotion, foot scrub, etc...
Of couuuurse I could find some here in Sweden but not those brands. Here you have either boring Nivea and L'Oréal or expensive Dior & co and not much in between. No fun and cheap brand such as Le Petit Marseillais.

How could the wonderful sender know all the products I wanted? She didn't exactly. Actually I bought all this myself when I was at Fanny's place in Avignon for Easter. And as it was too heavy to carry, she kindly offered me to ship them. My own post service deluxe.

Fanny darling, I owe you one. Big time!!!

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  1. Aaw, je me demandais justement aujourd'hui si tu l'avais reçu! Cool!
    On remet ça quand tu veux! ;)
    Des bisous