03 May 2010


May is the best month of the year! It proved so already yesterday. First I went running with some friends for our semi-marathon race in 3 weeks and I managed to run almost 13km, which is the most I've been able to run this year because of muscular/tendinous problems. So I was happy with my performance.

After that I joined my friends and we went to a little market but there was not much interesting and we didn't find anything. Instead we went for a fika: apple pie and hot chocolate for me. Probably ruined all the efforts from the morning but nevermind! I was worth this nice treat.

The weather was really nice and here is yesterday's outfit. I love it!

I especially love my ring that I bought at Hammarkullen festival last year where I went with some friends. I'm looking forward to this year edition to buy maybe more jewelry and eat plenty of food from all over the world.

Friends, fashion & food, can it get better?


  1. Family of course! Another thing I couldn't live without! Also with an F... ;)

  2. Fanny aussi c'est with an F! :p ^^
    Tu es toute jolie, et ta bague est en effet très chouette!
    Profite bien de TON mois la belle. ;)