30 October 2008

Mes rideaux

J'ai donc de nouveaux rideaux. Violet foncé pour remplacer mes turquoises. J'adore le turquoise et je suis un peu une turquoise-freak: la preuve chaque fois qu'on va en ville avec ma copine Malin (une reine du shopping comme moi) et qu'elle voit quelque chose en turquoise, elle me le montre comme si c'etait fait pour moi.

Mais cette saison, c'est le violet. Le violet à la mode est particulièrement beau et je pourrais tout acheter. Je fais désormais attention car certains jours j'avais mon porte-monnaie, mon sac à main, mes chaussures.... voire meme mes sous-vetements violets!!!

Mais là, j'étais obligée.... ils sont trop beaux! Meme si la photo est pourrie... Le violet est beaucoup plus vif que cela! Et j'ai pas de fond rose à la con!

Je vais avoir les mêmes dans le salon et dans ma chambre vu que les deux pièces ne seront séparés que par des portes coulissantes afin de pouvoir s'ouvrir et faire une grande pièce pour les soirées ou autre...

29 October 2008


Jag har anmält mig. Nu är det ingen återvändo. Bara att köpa löpskor och börja springa.


Jag är jättenöjd. Dessutom är det många vänner som har anmält sig också så jag hoppas att vi lyckas träna tillsammans dessa 6 månader.

Men vänta nu? Är jag inte galen? 21km? Ska jag klara det, jag som har sprungit som mest 10km? Ja, det får vi väl fixa.

I can! I want! I will! Just give me some Nike shoes and I'll just do it! ;-)


Improvement 1: I am writing once a week instead of once every other week if not once a month... hang in there and I may come back to the rythm I had before of a post once every 2-3 days!

Improvement 2: Actually they are more
- I got a hard drive, need to move the pics and music now... will do that this week-end as it may take hours!
-got rid of all the box in the entrance
-got some reeeeeally nice curtains for my room (will put the same in the living room soon)
-saw some nice bar stools, will try to go and buy them this week-end
-unpacked my shoes so I have more to choose from now. Niiiice!!!

Last week-end I didn't do much because my mum was here (it was soooo nice to have her home!!!) but this week-end, I am expecting another big step.

22 October 2008

Home Sweeter and sweeter home

Oh my! Another two weeks... Really need to solve my laptop issues so that I don't give up on Internet every evening... But instead of sitting in front of my laptop I have been quite active and was barely at home. Been training a few times, been wanting to train another times but the schedule didn't work out. Been going out with some friends. Been travelling away one week-end. Been learning Italian. And of course been spending some time on working on my flat.

So far I have:
- electricity: check!
- insurance (even got two until next july): check!
- internet: a temporary mobile one and ordered the definitive one: check!
- home telephone: ordered, check!
- found all the channel on the cable (even the ones we are not paying for!): check!
- put most of my clothes in the cupboards (those that fit at least...): check!
- mounted some furnitures: a bed, a drawer, a bookshelf, a table by the bed
- a washing machine that works and I don't even have to book the time: check!
- some light in my room and the living room (still is the same room): check!

Still need to fix:
- lamps for the lights in my room and the living room
- put a wall so that I don't live in the living room any longer
- a hard drive so that my laptop doens't totally die on me
- put up my bookshelf (the other one is for the living room)
- open some boxes with the radio + cds, the books, the photo albums, etc.
- get rid of the boxes in the entrance
- saw the small shelfs in the bathroom that are a little bit too big
- find a solution for the recycling stuff (right now it's just in the middle of the kitchen...)
- put some blinds and some curtains in my room as well so that my neighbour can't see me sleeping anymore
- empty the last two luggages with clothes (one is half full only with the clothes that need to be ironed actually.... the other ones with big winter pull-overs)
- FIND A SOFFA!!!! The one we had seen and tried to order is not produced any longer so we're back to square one
- put up the bar table and find some bar stools so that we can eat on a proper table instead of on my bed...
- put up the mirror in the entrance
- open the box with my shoes, been living with the same 2 or 3 pairs for a month, can't take it anymore!!

See, there's a few details before I can take pictures and post them here!

Or I can do a before, under and after! :-p

07 October 2008

Home Sweet Home

Oh my God! Can't believe I haven't written anything here in more than 2 weeks!!! Time to get a grip and start again... so I start here (at work) although I don't like it. There is still lots to do at home so I haven't started my computer once since we moved and we just got an internet connection this week-end.

Moving went well, I spent the whole Saturday packing two weeks ago and on the Sunday I went to get the little truck I had booked and with the help of my friends, everything was done in under 2 hours!! Then my sister and I cleaned the old flat and left the keys back, the guy thought it was very clean and he was very happy: nice!

On the 1st of October, I went to the bank, signed some papers and got the keys. I am an OWNER, I own my flat, how cool is that?!?!? One of the best thing about that is that the next time I move, it will actually be MY decision and not because someone tells me that I have to. After the bank, I went to Ikea to order the bigger furnitures: beds, kitchen table (a bar table) and a desk for my sister. They were delivered to our house the day after.

This week-end we built our beds (well, finished mine yesterday evening), started unpacking everything, putting away the boxes... I haven't finished yet and most of my clothes are still in the luggages (yes, several of them! :-p) but it's on the right path.

And it already feels very good. It felt like home from the start whereas it normally takes longer than that for me to feel comfortable.

I promise, when it looks decent enough, I'll post pictures. But I'm not sure you want to see all the luggages full of clothes (quite undecent actually thinking that I have so much!) and the boxes everywhere...