25 March 2010

Plus ou moins

Cherchez l'erreur... Sur la photo, il y a une chose de positif et une chose de négatif. A votre avis?

17 March 2010

St Patrick

Je n'ai jamais fêté la St Patrick moi. Et vous? Pourtant c'est pas faute d'avoir envie, j'adore l'Irlande, j'adore les irlandais qui sont toujours super sympas, j'adore les Irish pubs meme quand ils sont en France. Le Shannon fut mon repère pendant mes deux années de prépa, presque comme une 2e maison. Et pourtant je ne l'ai jamais fêté. Le fait que le 17 mars semble TOUJOURS tomber en semaine, genre un mardi ou un mercredi, ne facilite pas les choses.

Vous croyez que c'est lié au fait que c'est pas notre culture? On fête pourtant bien Halloween qui ne fait pas partie de nos coutûmes. Enfin moi je ne fête pas Halloween personnellement mais ca a quand même un peu plus pris que la St Patrick.

C'est peut-être parce qu'il n'y a pas beaucoup d'irlandais en France (ni en Suède c'ailleurs...). Car demandez à mon amie Parisienne à New York, elle, qu'elle le veuille ou non, elle va célébrer la St Patrick aujourd'hui! J'espère qu'elle le vivra mieux que l'an dernier! ;-)

16 March 2010

Under construction

For those who have checked in here regularly the last couple of days, you might have seen that the page looks differently. I am trying to find a new layout, I want something more personal so I am playing a bit and testing some stuff. But I feel that I need a bit more time...

Let's see what we manage to do in the end.

14 March 2010


Another sign that spring is coming: today I am wearing neither a scarf nor a beanie nor gloves. Well I still have gloves in my handbag but that's for tonight when I am going home.

What I am considering on putting right now are actually my sunglasses. Indeed we're at this strange period of the year where you still have a bit of snow on the ground (it snowed a bit last night) but when the sun is getting stronger. Because it still is quite low, youbreally have it in your face and it can be disturbing.

I remember in France at this period, it can stillbe cold inthe mornings then the temperatured rise quite significantly before sinking rapidly again at the end of the afternoon. You could then see people still with big jackets on while others were walking just with a sweater. I always thought the contrasting mix was funny.

12 March 2010


I knew I had started this blog some time back in March 2007 but didn't remember exactly when. I checked and it looks like I published my first post on the 10th which means this blog turned 3 just two days ago.

Happy birthday blog!

Våren är på väg

"Våren är på väg" = Spring is on its way or spring is coming. This is the sentence most used lately in all the conversations, in the newspapers, in the blogs, etc. here in Sweden.

Swedes want spring, they need spring. This winter has been long, it IS long because it's not over yet, there's still snow everywhere although it is slowly melting a bit more everyday. Winter is not over but Swedes are tired of it, they are longing to the one and only season they like: Summer. But before summer comes spring so they long for spring and they try to spot every little sign of it.

In France, spring comes on the 21st of March. In Sweden it varies every year. Indeed, they say it's spring when the temperatures have reach a certain level for a certain amount of days in a row. That's the technical evidence. Some other way of announcing that spring is here are signs such as certains flowers coming out, some birds spotted in the forest and many more. Any reason is good to announce spring.

And what announced if not exactly spring yet but at least the end of winter for me? A phonecall from my friend Viviana last Sunday who told me "It's 7 degrees, there's a beautiful sunshine outside, let's go and have lunch out today". And we did and God it was good!!!
We went to Haga, one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful neighbourhood in Göteborg which luckily is close to our homes and had lunch in the sun, it was great! I had the good idea to take my camera although I didn't take that many photos.

But I took the one above and I am quite happy about it. I love this architectural style and I love the light.

What about you, what made you say "winter is over, spring is coming"?

11 March 2010


08 March 2010

07 March 2010

Ice ice baby!

Il y a quelques jours, l'équipe de Suède de hockey sur glace a perdu relativement tôt dans öa course à la médaille. Une surprise car ils avaient du potentiel, c'était quasiment
la même équipe qur celle qui avait gagné la médaille d'or à Turin... La déception fût d'autant plus grande. Il faut savoir que le hockey sur glace est une passion pour beaucoup ici, ils en sont dingues.

En voici une preuve.

Dans ma résidence, ils ont fabriqué un mini rink en mettant des barrières de bois, un peu d'eau j'imagine et en laissant faire la nature... Le rink est en place depuis décembre et vu que cet hiver, les températures ont très rarement avoisiné zero, les enfants s'en sont donné à cœur joie! Récemment, les températures sont remontées un peu donc ça a fondu au milieu.

En tout cas moi je trouve ça génial d'avoir ça dans ma résidence, une patinoire dans mon jardin! Vous avez ça vous? ;)

05 March 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Tomorrow. 3D. Alice in Wonderland. Yay!

Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite Disney movie. And I love Tim Burton. I love all his movies. So when I heard he was working on Alice, I thought, no one could do it better than him. I've been waiting for a long time and now it's time! And in 3D will make it even better, it will be like being IN the film, following Alice on that pink path, looking up to the smiling cat above our shoulder, hiding being the cards soldiers when the Queen is shouting...

A travel to a surreal world. Put on your 3D glasses, buckle you belt, the Burton Express is leaving!