12 March 2010

Våren är på väg

"Våren är på väg" = Spring is on its way or spring is coming. This is the sentence most used lately in all the conversations, in the newspapers, in the blogs, etc. here in Sweden.

Swedes want spring, they need spring. This winter has been long, it IS long because it's not over yet, there's still snow everywhere although it is slowly melting a bit more everyday. Winter is not over but Swedes are tired of it, they are longing to the one and only season they like: Summer. But before summer comes spring so they long for spring and they try to spot every little sign of it.

In France, spring comes on the 21st of March. In Sweden it varies every year. Indeed, they say it's spring when the temperatures have reach a certain level for a certain amount of days in a row. That's the technical evidence. Some other way of announcing that spring is here are signs such as certains flowers coming out, some birds spotted in the forest and many more. Any reason is good to announce spring.

And what announced if not exactly spring yet but at least the end of winter for me? A phonecall from my friend Viviana last Sunday who told me "It's 7 degrees, there's a beautiful sunshine outside, let's go and have lunch out today". And we did and God it was good!!!
We went to Haga, one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful neighbourhood in Göteborg which luckily is close to our homes and had lunch in the sun, it was great! I had the good idea to take my camera although I didn't take that many photos.

But I took the one above and I am quite happy about it. I love this architectural style and I love the light.

What about you, what made you say "winter is over, spring is coming"?


  1. It's spring when I change my coat... and at the moment, I still wear my winter coat !!!

  2. Inga vårkänslor här...
    "Une hirondelle ne fait pas le printemps!"