30 December 2008

Summary for 2008

Let's hope 2009 will be at least as good as this if not even better!

19 December 2008

In 1h30 I will be on my way to the airport.

In 4h, my plane is taking off from Gothenburg.

In 8h45, my plane is landing in Toulouse.

In 12h, I'm at hoooooome!!!

And tomorrow I am waking up in my French bed. Isn't that grrrreat??

Love you everyone!

17 December 2008

Men håll käften då!

Två tjejer ~20 sitter på spårvagnen. Den ena av dem pratar med två äldre norska par om det ena parets son som ska doktorera dagen därpå. En man ~35 ställer sig upp och avbryter samtalet.
Mannen: Pratar du alltid så här mycket när du åker spårvagn?
Tjej 1: Det beror väl på, men ja, om det finns någon att prata med. Det är ju roligare att prata än att hålla käften.
Mannen: Det tycker inte jag.
Tjej 1: Så du tycker att det är roligare att hålla käften?
Man: Ja.
Tjej 1: Men gör det då!
Hela spårvagnen börjar skratta.

Läst på Tjuvlyssnat.se, älskar den här sajten!

16 December 2008


This week-end I went shopping, Christmas shopping. A little bit on Saturday, a little bit on Sunday, and even a few more presents yesterday. I have almost everything now, except from my mum, but this is generally the most difficult to find...

This morning I found an email from my brother with ideas for him and his two cute sons. Hahaha, too late my friend, I already have everything! Cutie Clément was the first present I bought... in October!

And you: got everything yet or are you more of a "last minute" person?

09 December 2008

Good news

Got a really good news yesterday. My friend Maria Elena (or Male) with me on the picture here under is working at Volvo and we've all been quite worried for the past weeks since they announced that they were going to fire people.

Yesterday was the day when they were announcing who gets to stay and who's going. And she's staying, she keeps her job! Oh I was sooooo happy when she told me!

08 December 2008

Busy week

Less than 2 weeks now... and time is probably going to pass veeery fast, this week is already fullbooked!

Monday: gym, my last dansstep class ever with Mikael. It feels kind of strange as I have taken this class with him in something like 2,5 years... Can you believe it? Almost every Monday in nearly 3 years? He's not going to have the class after Xmas and therefore I have to find another fun class. Will try Monday-Body Pump, the class just after step, hope the girl is good and inspiring.

Tuesday: maybe a sales for sunglasses with Dior, Cavalli, Chanel, Prada etc between 300 and 500 Swedish crowns (30 to 50 euros), good deal, uh? Let's see if I manage 'cause after that I am invited at a friend's place for a small gathering for her Bday.

Wednesday: meeting 3 friends and we're going to bake lussekatter (did that last year already, with the same friends, check here: http://lorraineinsweden.blogspot.com/2007/12/week-end-illustrated.html)

Thursday: last Italian class of the semester and we may go for a glass of wine after the class

Friday: Christmas dinner with the company

Saturday: Xmas shopping during the day and in the evening... mmmmh looking forward to Saturday evening. And Sunday morning!

05 December 2008


Dans quelques heures, Sophie arrive. Au programme du week-end: du Noël plein les yeux!! Avec entre autres, les marchés de Noël, la bouffe de Noël, les décorations de Noël, les cadeaux de Noël...

Bref, je crois que vous avez compris, non? Que du Noël!

02 December 2008


The countdown has started yipee!!! In 17 days I am flying back to Fraaaaance!!! My sister and I have started to make a list. Not a wish list for presents but a wish list of everything we want to eat when we're at home. And considering I'm there only 8 days, I think I won't have time for sallads, hahahaha!!!

Another countdown and with a deadline much closer: 3 days or 3 night sleep until Sophie arrives! Hurray!! I've now been living here for more than 4 years and for more than 4 years, Sophie and I have been trying to find dates for her to come here. Sophie is a teacher and so she can't take holidays whenever she wants (yeah she still has a few days off, that's true). Every year in September, we were waiting for a new time schedule for the year and every time: deception, she had classes on Saturdays... But this year! Not only did she get Saturday off but she doesn't have any class on Monday either! So now she is fiiiiinally coming!

Any countdowns for you too? What are you looking forward to?