10 August 2010

It's in the blood

I usually don't eat much cheese when I'm in Sweden. It's not because of the lack of choice, no. There's a lot of choice, even in the supermarket; and there's a lot of French cheese among these. I don't know, I just don't feel like it. However when I'm in France I eat more cheese (in fact I eat more of everything there, hehe).

But lately... There's always a bit of camembert or creamy blue cheese in my fridge! Do you think it's a sign from my body? A way of saying: time to go home now! Either way, I'm listening and on Saturday I'm flying to France for three longly awaited weeks. And I'll probably eat a bite of cheese!

05 August 2010

My boy

You saw him for the first time when he was a few months old.

You saw him when he was 9 months old.

You saw him when he was old enough to get his first tooth.

You saw him when he was 1 and then 2 and then 2½.

And now he's 4!


Don't I have the cutest nephews? :)

03 August 2010

Colour of the Day: Red II

Soooo! Here is the before, the after and the one week after!

My hands au naturel, as my friends are used to see them.

The hands of a new transformed woman. :)

Matching feet. Not a big revolution at that level as I am used to paint funky bright colours on my toe nails. But I am definitely liking it!

Result after one week. A few scratches but not bad at all uh? Chanel is really good quality!

And look, it's a perfect match with my new socks! =)

02 August 2010

Colour of the Day: Rainbow

Look what I received today! I can't believe a few years ago I was only buying black and grey socks... How wonderful aren't these? I am not looking forward to autumn yet, I still want to enjoy summer. But with those, I know it will be fun to put on my socks in the mornings and that they will put a smile on my face.

If you also want som fun, check out Happy Socks. It's a Swedish company but they deliver all around the world (for free). And right now they have some special sale. 50% off if you order 10 pairs. Hurry hurry!