30 September 2010

Miam Miam

Louis Vuitton cupcakes. Sweet, no? ;)

28 September 2010


Want more stereotypes? Check this page. ;)

21 September 2010

Top 10

The search engine Ask Jeeves has listed the 'top 10 unanswerable questions' over the last 10 years. Which one is your favorite?

1 What is the meaning of life?

2 Is there a God?

3 Do blondes have more fun?

4 What is the best way to lose weight?

5 Is there anybody out there?

6 Who is the most famous person in the world?

7 What is love?

8 What is the secret to happiness?

9 Did Tony Soprano die?

10 How long will I live?

Do blondes have more fun? Haha, love this one!

Read more here.

20 September 2010

Belle du monde

Un post en francais, ca faisait longtemps...

Je viens de lire un article sur Helena Christensen, le mannequin des années 90 qui s'est reconverti en photographe. Elle est mi-Danoise, mi-Péruvienne et a justement fait un reportage photo sur le Pérou en association avec Oxfam (Oxfam France est une association de solidarité internationale qui a pour objectif de construire avec chaque citoyen un monde plus juste, où les droits humains fondamentaux sont respectés, voir leur site internet ici).

Vous pouvez lire l'article avec Helena ici.

Source: ParisMatch

Est-ce qu'elle n'est pas magnifique?

19 September 2010

Elections and Google

Today I've voted. For the second time in Sweden. Yes I can vote in Sweden although I don't have the Swedish nationality. Although I cannot vote to elect the Prime minister.

In France, I can vote for 5 level of jurisdiction: town (village in my case - Artigueloutan), "canton" = a part of the département - Pau-Est, département - Pyrénées Atlantique 64, région Aquitaine, nation - France. The mandates have different lenghts: mainly 5 of 6 years so there are elections nearly every year or every other year...

Here in Sweden there are only 3 levels, town - Göteborg, region - Västra Götaland and nation - Sweden. But the good thing is that all votes are at the same time since all the mandates are 4 years. Each level has a different colour: blue, yellow (yep, Swedish colours) and white. So I voted for two of these three levels: town and region. It took 3 minutes max! Smidigt as Swedes say or smoothly...

After that I went for a walk in the park with my friend Maite and we went and check the seals as usual. And here's what we saw there:

I knew about the Google car but I didn't know Google was using bikes too. We went and chatted with the guy who was really nice and told us that they did use bikes for parks and such.

And you, have you every seen the google car (or bike)?

16 September 2010

I love H&M nr I don't know how many

H&M generated a small revolution in the fashion industry back in 2004 when they announced that no other than Karl Lagerfel would design a collection for them. Here are the previous collaborations, always launched in November:

2004: Karl Lagerfeld
2005: Stella McCartney
2006: Viktor&Rolf (including a wedding gown!)
2007: Roberto Cavalli (and also Madonna or Kylie Minogue)
2008: Comme des Garcons (and also Marimekko, of which I bought some pieces)
2009: in the spring Matthew Williamson (I bought some pieces) and in the autumn Jimmy Choo (I bought some pieces)
2009-2010: Sonia Rykiel (Ibought some pieces)

As you can see they accelerated the tempo last year. And at the same time, some other fashion companies started with collaboration. Last spring, after Sonia Rykiel, I read about people getting tired of these collaborations and that H&M would wisely wait before launching a new one. Or create another revolution of the kind.

And then bam! They dropped the bomb: Lanvin. LANVIN people LANVIN!!! What will be next time, Dior? Ah I couldn't be happier, I love this brand, Alber Elbaz is a genius. So chic, so French, so timelessly modern, so... so unaffordable made affordable thanks to H&M. Thank you H&M!!!

(source: H&M)

The collection will be launched on the 23rd of November and I know this time I will get up veeeery early and queue. I don't know how the collection will look (we'll know on the 2nd of November) but it doesn't matter. Actually I would be happy even if I only got one of these blue boxes... I don't need anything else, 'cause I could watch the box everyday, put my jewels or my nail lacquers or any other girl stuff in it.

But if the boxes include some of these ballerinas for instance or a garment, I will for sure not say no. ;)

09 September 2010

I've been shopping

So I'm back.And I've been shopping a little during these three weeks...
1- two books, one in French, the latest by Marc Levy, the other one in English, also the latest but from Lauren Weisberger, the girl who wrote The devil wears Prada
2- A handbad, a smaller one than the ones I have. Inspired by my friend Mélanie, it will be good for travelling
3- Some cookies, macarons to be precise from Saint Jean de Luz
4- Another bag, from Moët & Chandon, works like a computer bag, a portfolio or a handbag: Perfect!
5- Some espadrillos from Saint Jean de Luz as well, I'm starting a tradition of buying a new pair every year (already have some pink and the turquoise pair I've lived in all summer)
6- Some more espadrillos but some real height, love them!
7- Cotton pads, yes there are cotton pads in Sweden but not that big and I find them convenient when I use a lot of make-up
8- Some cream samples I got when I got a facial
9- Chocolate, no explanation needed
10- French magazines, Elle and Vogue. As some of them are special fashion edition, they must have weighed 2-3 kilos all together. Heavy!
11- 3 great bracelets
12- Tea from le Palais des thés, mmmh!
13- Two Petit Bateau T-shirts. Love Petit Bateau, unfortunately I bought the wrong size and they are a bit to large but they will make great pyjamas (will go with nr 15)
14- Some Tees from Monoprix, loooove Monoprix
15- A pyjama short from Monoprix as well, looooove Monoprix!

When I left, my luggage weighed 19 kilos including some clothes for my sister. When I came back, it weighed 24... I blame it on the magazines, what do you think?

And you why did you buy this summer?