19 September 2010

Elections and Google

Today I've voted. For the second time in Sweden. Yes I can vote in Sweden although I don't have the Swedish nationality. Although I cannot vote to elect the Prime minister.

In France, I can vote for 5 level of jurisdiction: town (village in my case - Artigueloutan), "canton" = a part of the département - Pau-Est, département - Pyrénées Atlantique 64, région Aquitaine, nation - France. The mandates have different lenghts: mainly 5 of 6 years so there are elections nearly every year or every other year...

Here in Sweden there are only 3 levels, town - Göteborg, region - Västra Götaland and nation - Sweden. But the good thing is that all votes are at the same time since all the mandates are 4 years. Each level has a different colour: blue, yellow (yep, Swedish colours) and white. So I voted for two of these three levels: town and region. It took 3 minutes max! Smidigt as Swedes say or smoothly...

After that I went for a walk in the park with my friend Maite and we went and check the seals as usual. And here's what we saw there:

I knew about the Google car but I didn't know Google was using bikes too. We went and chatted with the guy who was really nice and told us that they did use bikes for parks and such.

And you, have you every seen the google car (or bike)?

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  1. ah ben dis donc... j'avais vu la voiture Google à Pau (vui!) mais le vélo est tout aussi impressionnant!