09 September 2010

I've been shopping

So I'm back.And I've been shopping a little during these three weeks...
1- two books, one in French, the latest by Marc Levy, the other one in English, also the latest but from Lauren Weisberger, the girl who wrote The devil wears Prada
2- A handbad, a smaller one than the ones I have. Inspired by my friend Mélanie, it will be good for travelling
3- Some cookies, macarons to be precise from Saint Jean de Luz
4- Another bag, from Moët & Chandon, works like a computer bag, a portfolio or a handbag: Perfect!
5- Some espadrillos from Saint Jean de Luz as well, I'm starting a tradition of buying a new pair every year (already have some pink and the turquoise pair I've lived in all summer)
6- Some more espadrillos but some real height, love them!
7- Cotton pads, yes there are cotton pads in Sweden but not that big and I find them convenient when I use a lot of make-up
8- Some cream samples I got when I got a facial
9- Chocolate, no explanation needed
10- French magazines, Elle and Vogue. As some of them are special fashion edition, they must have weighed 2-3 kilos all together. Heavy!
11- 3 great bracelets
12- Tea from le Palais des thés, mmmh!
13- Two Petit Bateau T-shirts. Love Petit Bateau, unfortunately I bought the wrong size and they are a bit to large but they will make great pyjamas (will go with nr 15)
14- Some Tees from Monoprix, loooove Monoprix
15- A pyjama short from Monoprix as well, looooove Monoprix!

When I left, my luggage weighed 19 kilos including some clothes for my sister. When I came back, it weighed 24... I blame it on the magazines, what do you think?

And you why did you buy this summer?


  1. I loOOove n°6!!!
    Il me tarde vraiment de les voir à tes pieds! :)

  2. nothing, on n'avait plus de sous....!!!

  3. ah si quand même: une tasse-thermos pour le café dans la voiture... comme là-bas!!! et plein de cochonneries-conneries!

  4. Lorraine, you've been busy!!! I love your choices of course, that's why we're friends!!!!!!! Bisous

  5. Anonymous13/9/10 22:05

    une cuisine ikea pour notre nouvel appart !!! :-)
    biz. Ln