01 April 2012

My lipstick collection

Lesson nr 1 in make-up: the focus should be either on the eyes or on the lips. 

That lesson (and the fact that I felt too young for lipstick) has made that I have always focused on the eyes. I have never been scared of wearing strong colours a putting a lot of make-up. But over the last two years I have started to put less make-up on the eyes, sometimes just eyeliner and mascara. 

This opened the way for lipstick. 

At the beginning it felt quite strange, especially since I started with a really strong red. But you just have to get used to it. Last week I bought a orange/coral one and a real shocking pink, very YSL, which I am totally in love with! 

I am apparently not the only one to have started wearing lipstick, I see more and more girls wearing lipstick in the street or in the subway, sometimes very young girls. The other day, I was quite surprised by how many girls were wearing lipstick but then I thought that in the 30's and 40's or even in the 60's everyone was wearing lipstick and a lot of make-up. And I am really glad we're going back to being more feminine. I hope this trend will continue and will apply to clothes as well. 

Indeed I have started to wear a lot more dresses lately and I like it. But that will be the subject of another post... 

20 March 2012

Moonrise kingdom

Oh I want to see that movie!

I still a couple of months to wait though, it will open Cannes Film Festival in May and will be out in France on the same day. Hopefully it will come out soon after that in Sweden.

19 March 2012


Haven't been writing much here... Haven't found the time, didn't know what to write and so on. But here is a short summary of my last weeks:

  • Friends: Feels a bit strange not to meet my Gothenburg friends every week but at the same time, I am getting to know better some of my Stockholm friends and realizing how amazing they are. And I am meeting a lot of new people which is great since it was something I was looking forward to when moving here, give a boost to my social life
  • Flat: have been moving every two weeks over the past two months in Stockholm but I have now found a flat for 6 months thanks to a friend of mine. It will be nice to have my own place and the flat is really nice. So now you can start booking your plane tickets! In Gothenburg I have packed all my stuff in boxes and put everything in the basement except but some clothes for the spring and summer. Feels a bit strange but oh well. And I will rent it to someone for these few months.
  • Job: almost two months at my new job and I really like it! I have got really interesting projects. Small ones and biiiig ones. Learning a lot and it will probably be that way in the next months as well so it's cool.
What else? Mmmh don't know. Ah yes! I can show you a couple of pics... here we go. 

February 12th, I'm walking on water. On three layers of water: snow, ice and well water. Amazing, amazing day... Stockholm is such a beautiful city. 

The following week I moved into a friend's friend's flat to keep her cats while she was on holidays. This was my view from the kitchen during two weeks. Not too bad...

This is Fia, the iCat. 

This is Betty and my program on a Saturday afternoon. 

February 26th, I took a picture more or less from the same place as the first above. Except I had to be on land, as you can see, all had melted away in two weeks... 

Another week-end I went with some friends to visit a cemetery in the South of Stockholm that is listed on the Unesco Heritage list. An amazing place and a great day with old and new friends in my new Stockholm life. 

27 February 2012

Only in Sweden

Sweden is a safe country. People leave their strollers in the corridors in the building when they don't have space enough in their flats. It happens also outside cafés or shops sometimes. And sometimes with the baby IN THE STROLLER! I must say after almost 8 years in Sweden, I am still chocked that a mother can leave her baby in the stroller to go in a shop... Well well that's not the point of that post. 

The point of that post is a stroller in the corridor of the house where I am living right now. And in that stroller, here's what I saw yesterday. Wonder what the neighbours would say if they saw it... 

25 February 2012


23 February 2012

Les Parisiens

13 February 2012

Stockholm at its best

We had around -16 or -17 a couple of weeks ago and after that we've been back to temperatures around -5 or -8 but this week-end temperatures rose to come close to 0 and a lot of people went out to enjoy the sun and the nice weather. So did I.

Went to a walk... And had a pretty amazing day. The lake Mälaren is still frozen so I actually walked on water. ;)

06 February 2012


Got the keys to a flat where I am going to stay for the next two weeks. It's a bit annoying to come in in an empty flat but exciting at the same time. I only had a big luggage and a beauty case and as you can see, it's enough to spread all over the place.

After an hour or so, the place looks much better. No?


GIFF stands for the Göteborg International Film Festival and is one of my highlights during the year in Göteborg. This year I could only attend in the week-ends since I was in Stockholm during the week but I still manago to see five films each week-end. Not too bad, uh?

A mix of French, American, Chinese, Finnish, Swedish and Russo-German movies. Quite an interesting mix and that's exactly what I like about the festival: the opportunity to see films I wouldn't see otherwise (nor even hear of) since they won't be distributed here.

03 February 2012


Among the people I connect with on Twitter, many love the iPhone app Instagram. I started using it recently and I must say I am sold too.

The app takes square pictures, like the format of a polaroid but without the white border. After that you can apply some filters that make the pictures look like it was taken many years ago. Like in the 70's for instance. You know how your childhood pics look like? Like that.

When uploading your pictures to your instagram feed you can also choose to upload them on Facebook and/or Twitter. So I did.

My good friend (and good photographer) Fanny asked me if i was doing a 365. That's a kind of project where you upload one picture a day dor a year. I hadn't thought of that but that's actually a good idea. Since I've just moved to Stockholm and started a new job, I tought that would be a good thing to share with my friends a bit of my new life.

If you are friend with me on Facebook, you can find these pictures in a specific instagram-album. If you want to find me directly in the instagram app my pseudo is simply lorrainedaum. Otherwise I will try to make a weekly summary here on the blog.

Here are some of the first pics. Enjoy!

30 January 2012


One week ago I started my new job and I love it! I am also really looking forward to this new start in my life with the move to Stockholm. In the beginning I still have one foot in Göteborg (Gbg) and one in Stockholm (Sthm) but if you look at the picture here below you will see that when it comes to transport, the transition is not so dramatic.

Right now I am sitting in the train and there is something that we don't have in France: radio on the train. Next to your seat there a little plugin thing where you can plug in your earplugs (lot of plug, uh?) and choose between theee radio channels. Most of the time I listen to my iPod but that's quite a nice feature I think.

26 January 2012

My new babies

Here's what I'm going to work with at my new job. Nice, uh? Me like. A lot. :)

22 January 2012

Big news

I have two big news in my life right now. 

One, I have finally tested Sèche-vite after reading about it on many beauty and make-up blogs. It's a top coat that you put on top of your nail polish to make it last longer. In case you don't know yet about it. They all rambled about how it was the best in the world and bla bla bla... I was a bit sceptic about it but at the same time wanted to try. And oh my god! how I wasn't disappointed. The difference between this one and all the other top coats in the world is stellar. To all my "nail polish lover"-readers, throw away any top coat you have, and go get the Sèche-vite, run! It will be the best that ever happened to you. 

It may be the best thing that happened to me in 2012 but I might have to revise my judgement tomorrow. 

Indeed tomorrow I am starting my new job. In Stockholm. With amazing people. In Stockholm. I am going to work with marketing, communication, strategy, internet, all the things that I love. In Stockholm. Have I already said Stockholm? That's probably because I can't wait! Oh and I am getting an iPhone and a MacBookAir. Tomorrow will probably top last Tuesday when I tried the Sèche-vite on for the first time.

19 January 2012

Summerhouse with friends

Saw some pics on a blog about this house that is for sale. It is located in the South of France, in Roquebrune near Monaco. 

I love the turquoise shutters. And I like that it matches with the turquoise of the swimming pool, hehe. 

The house is for sale for $27 millons. If I can find 26 friends it will only be $1 million per person, that's a deal, no? ;)

So, who's with me?

15 January 2012


Didn't come back from France empty-handed... ;)

12 January 2012


I love champagne. Simple as that. I was in France three weeks over Christmas and New Year's and it was a great luxury to be able to be with the family for so long. And during these weeks I had many opportunities to drink champagne. Here's what I drank, in alphabetical order:
  • Ayala
  • Ayala Rosé
  • Dom Pérignon
  • Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial (twice)
  • Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial Rosé
  • Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage 2002
  • Ruinart (twice)

A very good 2011 millésime I would say! 

10 January 2012

How cute?