01 April 2012

My lipstick collection

Lesson nr 1 in make-up: the focus should be either on the eyes or on the lips. 

That lesson (and the fact that I felt too young for lipstick) has made that I have always focused on the eyes. I have never been scared of wearing strong colours a putting a lot of make-up. But over the last two years I have started to put less make-up on the eyes, sometimes just eyeliner and mascara. 

This opened the way for lipstick. 

At the beginning it felt quite strange, especially since I started with a really strong red. But you just have to get used to it. Last week I bought a orange/coral one and a real shocking pink, very YSL, which I am totally in love with! 

I am apparently not the only one to have started wearing lipstick, I see more and more girls wearing lipstick in the street or in the subway, sometimes very young girls. The other day, I was quite surprised by how many girls were wearing lipstick but then I thought that in the 30's and 40's or even in the 60's everyone was wearing lipstick and a lot of make-up. And I am really glad we're going back to being more feminine. I hope this trend will continue and will apply to clothes as well. 

Indeed I have started to wear a lot more dresses lately and I like it. But that will be the subject of another post... 


  1. love the same brands!
    mais par contre je n'arrive toujours pas à porter du rouge à lèvre!
    je suis restée au Labello ... mais j'achète des rouges à lèvres! bizarre!

  2. Ah ben maintenant on veut des pictures de bouches... :)

    Me too I'd love if we went back to the 30s, 40s style with oola hoop dresses, elegant pin up, bright lips and awesome wavy hair-dos!!