19 March 2012


Haven't been writing much here... Haven't found the time, didn't know what to write and so on. But here is a short summary of my last weeks:

  • Friends: Feels a bit strange not to meet my Gothenburg friends every week but at the same time, I am getting to know better some of my Stockholm friends and realizing how amazing they are. And I am meeting a lot of new people which is great since it was something I was looking forward to when moving here, give a boost to my social life
  • Flat: have been moving every two weeks over the past two months in Stockholm but I have now found a flat for 6 months thanks to a friend of mine. It will be nice to have my own place and the flat is really nice. So now you can start booking your plane tickets! In Gothenburg I have packed all my stuff in boxes and put everything in the basement except but some clothes for the spring and summer. Feels a bit strange but oh well. And I will rent it to someone for these few months.
  • Job: almost two months at my new job and I really like it! I have got really interesting projects. Small ones and biiiig ones. Learning a lot and it will probably be that way in the next months as well so it's cool.
What else? Mmmh don't know. Ah yes! I can show you a couple of pics... here we go. 

February 12th, I'm walking on water. On three layers of water: snow, ice and well water. Amazing, amazing day... Stockholm is such a beautiful city. 

The following week I moved into a friend's friend's flat to keep her cats while she was on holidays. This was my view from the kitchen during two weeks. Not too bad...

This is Fia, the iCat. 

This is Betty and my program on a Saturday afternoon. 

February 26th, I took a picture more or less from the same place as the first above. Except I had to be on land, as you can see, all had melted away in two weeks... 

Another week-end I went with some friends to visit a cemetery in the South of Stockholm that is listed on the Unesco Heritage list. An amazing place and a great day with old and new friends in my new Stockholm life. 

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