03 February 2012


Among the people I connect with on Twitter, many love the iPhone app Instagram. I started using it recently and I must say I am sold too.

The app takes square pictures, like the format of a polaroid but without the white border. After that you can apply some filters that make the pictures look like it was taken many years ago. Like in the 70's for instance. You know how your childhood pics look like? Like that.

When uploading your pictures to your instagram feed you can also choose to upload them on Facebook and/or Twitter. So I did.

My good friend (and good photographer) Fanny asked me if i was doing a 365. That's a kind of project where you upload one picture a day dor a year. I hadn't thought of that but that's actually a good idea. Since I've just moved to Stockholm and started a new job, I tought that would be a good thing to share with my friends a bit of my new life.

If you are friend with me on Facebook, you can find these pictures in a specific instagram-album. If you want to find me directly in the instagram app my pseudo is simply lorrainedaum. Otherwise I will try to make a weekly summary here on the blog.

Here are some of the first pics. Enjoy!