22 January 2012

Big news

I have two big news in my life right now. 

One, I have finally tested Sèche-vite after reading about it on many beauty and make-up blogs. It's a top coat that you put on top of your nail polish to make it last longer. In case you don't know yet about it. They all rambled about how it was the best in the world and bla bla bla... I was a bit sceptic about it but at the same time wanted to try. And oh my god! how I wasn't disappointed. The difference between this one and all the other top coats in the world is stellar. To all my "nail polish lover"-readers, throw away any top coat you have, and go get the Sèche-vite, run! It will be the best that ever happened to you. 

It may be the best thing that happened to me in 2012 but I might have to revise my judgement tomorrow. 

Indeed tomorrow I am starting my new job. In Stockholm. With amazing people. In Stockholm. I am going to work with marketing, communication, strategy, internet, all the things that I love. In Stockholm. Have I already said Stockholm? That's probably because I can't wait! Oh and I am getting an iPhone and a MacBookAir. Tomorrow will probably top last Tuesday when I tried the Sèche-vite on for the first time.

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