19 January 2012

Summerhouse with friends

Saw some pics on a blog about this house that is for sale. It is located in the South of France, in Roquebrune near Monaco. 

I love the turquoise shutters. And I like that it matches with the turquoise of the swimming pool, hehe. 

The house is for sale for $27 millons. If I can find 26 friends it will only be $1 million per person, that's a deal, no? ;)

So, who's with me?


  1. Ohh.. not bad at all, not bad. Will probably need to see the planning and some picture from inside before I accept the offer though :)

  2. If you find 268 friends, I'm in! :p
    Splendide maison en tout cas...

  3. I am ... mais j'ai pas le million!
    faut que tu invites plus d'amis!
    par contre je t'imagine trop bien de dedans ... surement les couleurs!

  4. moi je veux bien en être même si je n'ai pas le million de ticket d'entrée :-))))