03 May 2007

9 months

Well, today is not about what's going to happen in 9 months but rather what happened 9 months ago... This wonder!

And now even more wonderful, the world's 8th wonder is turning 9 months!

and if you really want to talk about the future, I'll count only to 3 because it's the number of months before I see him again.

PS: the handsome but kind of looking tired guy is my brother, but it's too late girls, he's the daddy! ;-)


  1. Anonymous3/5/07 23:03

    WOW! c'est vrai qu'il est super mignon. Audrey

  2. Ca doit être de famille.... ;-)

  3. Amour III5/5/07 11:44

    Paye ta vieille gueule Amour I !!! Mais lu es quand meme "handsome"....

  4. Eh, C qui la tata gâteau !! lol :)

  5. J'assume, j'assume... mais tu sais de quoi je parle, et je pense que tu es pareille que moi! Sauf que maintenant tu es plus que rôdée avec trois! ;-)

  6. l'heureux papa7/5/07 12:03

    Merci Audrey :)

    Clément a hâte de voir sa marraine...à qui il souhaite bien évidemment un très bon anniversaire !!!
    Bizz, sister !