02 December 2008


The countdown has started yipee!!! In 17 days I am flying back to Fraaaaance!!! My sister and I have started to make a list. Not a wish list for presents but a wish list of everything we want to eat when we're at home. And considering I'm there only 8 days, I think I won't have time for sallads, hahahaha!!!

Another countdown and with a deadline much closer: 3 days or 3 night sleep until Sophie arrives! Hurray!! I've now been living here for more than 4 years and for more than 4 years, Sophie and I have been trying to find dates for her to come here. Sophie is a teacher and so she can't take holidays whenever she wants (yeah she still has a few days off, that's true). Every year in September, we were waiting for a new time schedule for the year and every time: deception, she had classes on Saturdays... But this year! Not only did she get Saturday off but she doesn't have any class on Monday either! So now she is fiiiiinally coming!

Any countdowns for you too? What are you looking forward to?


  1. Sweden...!!!!!

  2. 12 december!!
    Då åker jag och Elvin hem till KIRUNA!! Jippie!!! :-)

  3. Pareil, je commence ma liste! En moi je reste 15 jours alors elle va etre super longue!!!

  4. Anonymous3/12/08 10:24

    Same countdown as yours ;)

  5. Matth: yay!!!

    Vickie: vad roligt! Hur länge stannar du där? Länge hoppas jag! :)

    Audrey: Cette année tu as une tres bonne excuse pour les kilos superflus, profite-en! ;)

    So: bien rien, t'es presque là... :)