14 March 2010


Another sign that spring is coming: today I am wearing neither a scarf nor a beanie nor gloves. Well I still have gloves in my handbag but that's for tonight when I am going home.

What I am considering on putting right now are actually my sunglasses. Indeed we're at this strange period of the year where you still have a bit of snow on the ground (it snowed a bit last night) but when the sun is getting stronger. Because it still is quite low, youbreally have it in your face and it can be disturbing.

I remember in France at this period, it can stillbe cold inthe mornings then the temperatured rise quite significantly before sinking rapidly again at the end of the afternoon. You could then see people still with big jackets on while others were walking just with a sweater. I always thought the contrasting mix was funny.

1 comment:

  1. Ah ben moi suis encore avec le gros manteau !!! Mais effectivement le matin en voiture, je descends le pare-soleil pour ne pas être éblouie, et le ptit rayon du matin fait bien plaisir ! :-)
    Bisous !!!