14 February 2008

Guess what?

Someone declared his love to me today... Nah, I'm just kidding! I received Elle in my mailbox. That's today's news for me. Exciting, huh? Well, sometimes you do what you can. And it works for me. Every month I love to have this good news when I go home.

And guess what's coming up? Marimekko and H&M have a partnership and are making a collection together. Or rather, H&M will use some of the famous timeless and fabulous Marimekko patterns to design a collection for man, women and a line of accessories. ME WANT! ME WANT! ME WANT!!!!!

April, note the date, April, my friends. I'd better start saving (but as you read about me being reasonable this year, you know I can, don't you?).

This last one is a bonus just for you: not from the H&M-Marimekko collection but from Manolo Blahnik's inspiration. Wunderbart, no? Me like it vairy mouche!


  1. Wunderbart, yeah!
    Me order April flights to Göterborg as soon as possible for a big weekend of shopping (and else..)! ;)

    Puss puss

  2. Hahaha! Du skriver så otroligt roligt Lorraine och jag skrattar gott när jag läser!!

    Jag hoppas att någon declared ('bedyrade' på svenska men det är ett gammalt (old-fashion-word), knäppt ord...) sin kärlek till dig!

    Jag mailade Elin och frågade om vi inte skulle ta och träffas snart igen! I Göteborg kanske? Vad tror du om det???
    Kram och trevlig helg!