22 April 2007

We're voting

I supposed everybody knows it but we're voting for a new president in France. Today is the first round of vote and the second one is in two weeks. I obviously am not flying home just for that, especially that I find none of the candidates really convincing for the job, but I am still doing my job... well my mum is, thanks mum for that!

But I won't talk more about it, don't feel like it. Instead I will sum up my week-end.

On Thursday I ate something bad and was sick during the night, was still tired and weak on Friday, I hadn't eaten anything in more than 24h. I was thinking of staying at home but hey, it was I who had launch the idea of this afterwork so... get a grip, put up a ton of make-up on your face and here we go! I took it easily however in the beginning, you should have seen D's face when I told him there was no bacardi in my cola! :-p I had planned to go home early, as I was tired... the plan failed somewhat, it was 1 when I went to bed! It was a fun night. The AW-2007 season is now launched! =)

On Saturday not so much: I read in my bed the whole morning, then I went to the city for some shopping. When I went back home, I bought an icecream and enjoyed it on my balcony, reading Elle... nice! But I didn't stay that long outside, it was quite chilly. Looking forward to doing it again, not today thought, it's raining and grey. Yesterday evening I made myself a movie night, a healthy one: I bought some carrots, cucumber and cherry tomatoes, much better than chips and sweets, and I rented 3 DVDs. I started with a movie war. I like WWII movie films. We have always liked History in my family and especially my brother who studied History in the University for many years and is a specialist of WWII. I didn't know about this movie but it was written on the cover that it was from the team that made Pearl Harbor, I thought it would be a credit of quality. The "team that made Pearl Harbor", my ass... it must have been that it was the same sound assistent och make-up assistent or this kind of crap. This movie was soooo bad! There was no story at all, it was so long and slow... phew! And I who can't stop in the middle of a movie... I had to watch it through.

And then came the best of the day maybe: Pride & Prejudice after Jane Austen's book. I had seen the DVD for a while in my video store. Why didn't I rent it before? It stars Keira Kneightley. I think that unfortunately we've seen too much of her the last 3 years or so and I kind of make an overdose. Pity 'cause she's a great actress, she proves it in this great classic. This is the third film adapted from a Jane Austen's book, the other two were Emma (with Gwyneth Paltrow) and Sense & Sensibility (with Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson). There is something amazing with these stories, it's that there are so uptodate still. When one reads Molière for instance, it is quite difficult to transpose it to the 21st century but with Jane Austen, no problem. It's all about relationship between men and women and how to make someone understand you're interested in them but without saying or showing it and getting them to make the first step. Aren't we doing the exact same thing today? Flirt a little, be charming and then hard to get, you know... not answering a sms at once although you've been staring at you mobile the whoooole day and you've just sreamt of hapiness and excitment when you received it. But no, you wait an hour or two and just write something like "thank you for a pleasant evening" or something like that, praying that he will understand in this cold and plain sentence that you may want more and that he will invite you for another date. Well you find all this in this movie, along with the "I hate him"-shout to everyone when you actually like the guy... Jane Austen is a genius, she's timeless. Love it.

After that I was not depressed, not at all, but I was thinking that I too want to loooooove someone. I want to feel this tension, butterfly in my stomach, the anxiety when you've given your phonenumber to someone and hope he will use it... all these small things in the beginning of a relationship. "I want to know what löööve is, want you to know me" (song by the foreigners, sorry still don't know how to put music on the blog). Well, one day maybe...

Today I haven't done anything, hahahaha! But I will start soon, time for me to go to the gym... Bye bye!

God! It was long to write this entry! ;-)


  1. MannyFannyLu22/4/07 17:30

    Have voted.
    Absolutely unconviced too. But well, we'll see. I've never felt so stressed for voting (I even dreamed of it last night), a fear probably due to 2002 results.

    Anyway, happy to hear you feel better darling. I also wish you to find someone to love, and most of all who will love you as you deserve it: passionately!!!

    Stora pussar... vi ses!

  2. Welcome here bichette! Keep posting! Bisous