17 April 2007

Shopping in Paris

Before I list what I got back from Paris, I must stress that I am on the dole and broke. And yet, there are many things I "needed" like a new pair of jeans. What's more I was in Paris, how could I resist!! So here are my new loves / the disaster:
  • some Lancôme and Dior make-up: gift from my mum, just like that, she bought some for my sis' and me, that's just how she is
  • some Givenchy make-up after getting my make-up done by a make-up artist at Sephora on the Champs Elysées
  • a pull-over
  • a pair of jeans
  • a pair of silver flip-flap shoes
  • a silver alligator-like metallic handbag
  • some jewels: a necklace and matching ring, blue, retro, style, love it! Early birthday gift from some friends, thank you my darlings, love you! So happy we're still friends after all these years
  • a Daum crystal necklace
As you can notice, most of it was gifts and as for the rest, well, I'll just do what all fashion-victims do: eat cheap noodles until new money show up on my bank account! ;-) And the good thing with that is that it might help loosing a few more pounds which can't be wrong for my new jeans. :-p