22 March 2009

Week-end in short

- Meet my friend Emil, long time no see. Go and have a beer, nice! Emil is working for a shoe company (Bianco, Danish brand) so we talk about shoes when we meet. It's so fun to talk shoes with a guy!
- Maite joins us, another beer, nice! And more chit-chat and catching up.
- Maite and I get pizzas and watch Volver (from Almodovar, with Penelope Cruz, finally!!!), nice!!
- Go home and read Stieg Larsson until 2 o'clock when I realize I won't finish it tonight...

- Wake up, read Stieg Larsson... finish the book, oh so good!! Now I can go and see the film!
- Gym with Johanna, tough but I managed better than earlier this year
- Go home and go out again directly, accompanied by Gratianne. Nice walk in Slottskogen where we went to see the seals, the pinguings and the elks. My favourite are still the pinguins. Gratianne and I are thinking about getting one instead of a gold fish. ;)
- Nada, nothing, niente, nix! So good!
- Indian take-away dinner, nice!

- Wake up at 7.15, what's wrong with me??
- Get up at 8.15 and get ready to go running
- Ran 10 km at Skatås, tuff but I did it without walking.
- Nada, nothing, niente... except from reading Elle maybe... nice!
- Went to the tourism fair TUR in the afternoon and got inspired to travel even more... too bad I don't have more holidays and more money, hehe!!!
- and in the evening, some Chai tea in front of the TV to end up nicely this nice week-end.

What about you, did you have a nice week-end? What did you do?


  1. j'ai aussi regardé Volver !
    J'adore surtout le tout début et la visite au cimetière quand Penelope Cruz compare les tombes à des maisons de vacances!!

  2. Moi j'adore la mère, quand elle se cache sous le lit!