04 March 2009


HP = Harry Potter and Harry Potter = Magic so HP = Magic!

And magic is going to happen soon when I get this little baby at home. Oh I am soooo looking forward to it! I just can't wait!

It's a mini laptop or a netbook to be more precise. I took HP again because I was very happy with mine (although it barely worked the last few months). I bought my old laptop in october 2004, more than 4 years ago!!! And it had only 40Gb compared to 160Gb for this one! I am not used to so much memory so I don't know how I use all this space. Especially given that I also bought a 500Gb external harddrive this autumn... well well, I still have an idea: pictures, movies, music... yeah, I will figure out something. Not that I NEED to use all the space but you know, if it's there, you might just as well use it.

And called me superficial but I like the design as well...

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  1. alors, tu l'as?
    heureuse ma lolo?...;-)