03 March 2009

Buena Vista Social Club

Last Saturday I was invited for dinner at my friend Ann-Sofie's place (the one who gave me this book, post in Swedish only). In her invitation, it said something about mojito and I found it a little odd I must say.

When I came in; I was served a mojito and I suddenly realised. We would have a cuban dinner! Indeed they went to Cuba for 2 weeks in January and we hadn't meet each other since.

The menu was Cuban (except the dessert) and we were served:
- Calamares con limón y chili (Shrimps with lemon and chili and roasted bread croutons): really good!
- Pollo con arroz y chorizo (Chicken with risotto with chorizo): really good!!
- Crème caramel (wonder where this dessert comes from... hehe!): really good!!

Ann-Sofie was scared that we wouldn't like the food and had even thought of a plan B with pizza. Are you kidding? It was really tasty and simple yet unusual compared to hwat we usually eat here. And it seems easy to make so I think I will try some of the dishes, especially the starter with the shrimps.

After that we smoked some cigar. I normally don't fancy cigar as it reminds me of my dad smoking every Sunday these huuuuge cigars that smell really strong! Yuck! But these were small, didn't smell much and taste quite good actually! And then we watch their pictures sipping more mojitos and with some cuban music (from Buena Vista Social Club among others) in the background.

A great great night!!! Thanks Ann-Sofie!

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