15 March 2009

Goodbye winter, hello spring!

I had heard last Wednesday that it would snow the day after. I thought "ah, it's just one of this time when it snows for half and hour and then it melts just as quickly as it came". Yeah right! It started around lunch and didn't stopped until late in the evening!!!! And on that I had of course the wrong clothes. Just a spring jacket...

The photo hereunder is taken on Friday morning from outside my window. On Saturday it all disappeared.

On Thursday, the snowy day, I had been talking with Brenda about going running to Delsjön (the lake near Göteborg where we usually go running in the week-ends) that Sunday. We would keep in touch and see how was the weather like. So far, as it was cold, I had always been running in the afternoon so my mind was just set up on afternoon again.

So I was really surprised when I got an sms from Brenda at 8 this morning (yeah I was almost awake then) asking "meeting at 9.30?". It took a second or two but then I realised that it was a good idea as it then leave you the whole afternoon for other activities.
Get up, clothes on, breakfast and here we go! The weather was really nice this morning and you could feel the sun warming up a little bit for the first time.

Byebye winter, hello spring!

And to attack this new day and new season, what's better than a power breakfast? So I made myslef a smoothie. Mmmh! So good!!

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  1. hum...! ce petit dej a l'air bien bon...!