17 March 2009


On Sunday, after running 8km (in 1h) I went in the afternoon for a "fika" with some friends and we sat outside for the first time this year! It was not very very warm but warm enough to stay outside with your coat and a fleece plaid on. Oh my God, I'm becoming more and more Swedish, chasing the sun, sitting outside even when it's cold.... C'est grave docteur?

Anyway, it was nice and if not for the almost-frozen-in-the-end body, at least for the soul.

Nice company: Mioara (Romania) + Isabelle & Romain (Frenchy Frenchy!!)

Lovely lady on the left and me. Don't I look like I have red hair? Katti is a redhead but it seems I am too... what do you think should I die my hear red?

1 comment:

  1. Fin, fina bilder på fin, fina personer! Tycker nästan de känns lite franska, speciellt bilden där namnet på kaféet syns...