25 March 2009

Spring is in the air

Except from a few clouds from now and then, basically the waehter has been really good for over a week now. Maybe I shouldn't write that because with my luck it probably means the end of it...

But it had such an impact on how I feel that I had to write about it. Do you have this feeling sometimes when you go out of the house, see the sun and hop! A smile on your face! Well it's been like that every morning for me.

I have now put my sunglasses back in my handbag where they cohabit with my gloves (the lighter ones though). At some other points of the year, it's the umbrella and the sunglasses that cohabit as you never know what weather it's gonna be (or you could use both during the same day with our typical Göteborg weather!).

Anyway, the other morning, I left the house at 7.15 and saw a woman with her sunglasses on and I suddenly felt the urge of putting mine too. Just for the feeling... but when I looked in my bag, I saw the gloves too and felt: "which one should I put"? After all it was only 3 degrees or so... So I put my gloves...

But I just can't wait to put my glasses on. I just have this strange feeling that it's going to make me feel warmer... I can't wait to get to this summer and all the nice things that are awaiting for me: weddings, trips, friends, family, France... Maybe that's why I want to put my glasses on. Can't I just jump over April and go directly to May? Apart from one week-end, April should be quit boring and I usually hate April: not winter anymore, not really spring, definitely not summer yet, just and in-between month... Raaaah! Fly time, fly! Rise sun, rise!!!

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