25 March 2007

Spring is in the air

13-14 degrees yesterday, 15 degrees today, 15 degrees tomorrow... Spring has come to Sweden, wonderful! It feels good to wear lighter clothes, and less layers: it's easier to move and one feels lighter too. The Swedes feel the same way and it shows. It's quite typical here that as soon as the sun shows up, everybody gets out and tries to enjoy it as much as possible. OK this year the temperatures are really nice but usually these first days of spring are rather colder. But it doesn't stop them and so it's qui funny to see them with big jackets and sunglasses, mixing winter clothes with summer details, trying to warm up in the sun and get their suntan started.

Anyway, today I had brunch with a bunch of girls and we talked quite a lot, that's for sure... well, we're girls after all! ;) It was in Linné, in one of the fancy neighbourhood of Göteborg and then we went to Slottskogen, a big park a few meters away. It's a bit like Göteborg's Central Park: a big green oasis right in the middle of the city. We even saw the little pinguins: so cute!!!

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