28 March 2007

The Last King of Scotland

Last week-end I saw "The Last King of Scotland" with Forest Whitaker. I know why he got the Oscar... he's amazing! And the way he talks, it's just SO it! I heard or read that he took lessons to learn that special dialect from Uganda.

Two movies this months: both about Africa... why is that so? I have no clue. But it's good that attention is drawn to that easily forgotten continent. I, myself, find it hard to have hope about this continent: with aids, all the violence, the poverty, the very-few stealing from the so-many-so-poor, stealing even food from humanitary help. There's a program on TV at the moment in Sweden about a team of Swedes that usually does "home makeovers" (in Sweden); this time they are in Ethiopia trying ot build a school and after so many problems they change the project to build an orphanage instead for 10 or 12 children. In the show, we get to know the few children that are "selected" to live there and among them are two brothers: 6 and 3½ year old that were living on the street. I mean how can two children of 3 and 6 survive alone? And it's just an example, there must be so many more...
Well, I personnally find it difficult to be attracted to this Continent that suffers from so much negativity. It's just too difficult, too much of this, too much of that, too little of this, too little of that... But even if I don't manage to hope for Africa, I however hope that people still have hope for it and will fight to make it better (if it can).

Not my most joyful and 'full of hope' post, I know. But go and see "The Last King of Scotland" if you have the opportunity: you will laugh and you will cry, you will be disgusted and you will be enchanted, you will be devastated and you will be hopeful... well, anyhow you will be touched by this film.

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