01 November 2009

A night in prison

I spent a night in prison last week-end. Don't worry, I was not arrested. I chose to go there myself.

The prison of Långholmen

In Stockholm, they have transformed an old prison into a youth hostel and that's where I stayed for a night with my sister when we took a quick trip to the capital for a concert (Muse. Amazing. No words. Ah!).

The rooms are old cells so it's a bit narrow but the whole building is fun. The mirror in the room was a guillotine for instance and at the reception, they sell black&white striped T-shirt. There are a lot of details like that everywhere.

We were staying as you can see in the cell 303. Luckily the breakfast was not just water and dry bread. Instead we ate a super breakfast deluxe with mini-croissants, good bread and müsli. Mmmmh love breakfasts in Swedish hotels and hostels!

Great fun experience that complete my list of stays at peculiar youth hostel: a boat, an old train wagon, an olympic stadium... What's next?

Our room seen from above with the guillotine mirror


  1. Anonymous2/11/09 14:07

    Tu n'as meme pas mis celle avec la guillotine ... :S :S

  2. Haha, så mysigt hotell! Vars ligger det och hur mycket kostar det att sova där en natt??

  3. Ma soeur anonyme: je ne savais pas si tu voulais etre sur le blog. Mais je peux rattraper la chose.

    Vickie: Hotellet ligger på Långholmen i Stockholm och det kostar strax under 800:- för en natt för två personner (om man inte är medlem i STF_turist, annars en 100:- mindre).

  4. ta soeur anonyme... me demande bien qui c'est...!!!
    cool comme expérience...!!!