29 October 2009


Yesterday I saw some of these at the supermarket:

And I bought a bottle of this (for my sister, I don't like it):

What are this stuff you wonder? Some Swedish weird things. Swedish, yes. Weird, no. Very common even at this time of the year. Well, not exactly. It's actually a bit early. 'cause it's typical Christmas food. I loooove all the Christmas food here in Sweden, the pepparkakor, the julskinka, the glögg and the lussekatter, ah! The lussekatter! These are small saffron buns. If you go back to this post two years ago, you can see that I both buy them and bake them.

But as much as I love all this. It just feels like it's too early. These last weeks, we've had typical autumn weathers. Yes plural because there were two categories. Either grey, rain and wind. Or Blue sky, green grass and yellow leaves. Oh that was beautiful! It came very sudently and within just a few days all the leaves are now on the ground. It went so fast! Anyway, it's still autumn and it getting colder but not thaaaaat cold. It's not winter yet, it's not Christmas yet. It's October, not November yet (well almost ok).

The risk is, if you start eating this food too early. If you start buying all the Christmas decorations. If you start buying your Christmas gifts too early. The risk is that you will get bored when Christmas actually comes. But I discovered lussekatter only 4 years ago and I have many years of lussekatte-eating to catch up! I might wait a couple of days/week tough. Let's see how long I resist.

What about you, any special Christmas food you're looking forward to?


  1. tout ce qui se mange en Suède pour Noyel!!!!

  2. Mmmmmmmmmmm, les lussekatter! Moi j'attendrais pas trop longtemps à ta place!

  3. Matth: ouiiiiii!!! hein?

    Soso: a y est on est en novembre, je peux. ;)