13 October 2009


Time? Time? Where are you?

Inspiration? Inspiration? Where are you?

It seems Mr Time and Mrs Inspiration have a very hard time (haha) meeting each other lately... My weeks are pretty much looking alike with not much happening except the routine (Monday = gym / Tuesday = home or pub quiz / Wednesday = gym / Thursday = italian). While the week-ends are filled with nice stuff such as London or the Super Hero double 30 year old party this week-end.

But in both cases, week or week-end, I don't really feel like sitting in front of the computer to write long posts. Maybe I should try blogging from my mobile. It's faster and more "on the moment". Because I have noticed the more I wait, the less I feel like writing a certain post.

Having a bit of a blog-crisis right now as you can see... maybe linked to the time of the year. But soon I am bound to stay more often at home as winter is definitely arriving. More chances to sit in front of the computer then.

Keep your fingers crossed my loyal readers!


  1. ils le sont, ils le sont...!

  2. :-((( Moi j'ADOOOOORE ton blog!!!!
    Vivement les longues soirées d'hiver alors?!!!
    XOXO ;-)

  3. Merci les zamis. Merci de votre soutien. Je bosse sur une solution pour pouvoir blogger plus "en live", à savoir l'iPhone mais c'est pas gagné encore...

  4. Hej vännen!
    Jag läser din blogg men det är inte alltid jag har tid att kommentera! Jag ska försöka bättra mig :-)
    Kram och ha en trevlig helg!

  5. Tu rigoles ou quoi??? File ecrire des posts. Finies les soirees pub et gym! Tes lecteurs t'attendent!