19 October 2009


On Saturday I spent the day in Marstrand, north of Göteborg on the Bohuslän coast with my sister and my father who came and visit ut for the week-end. Marstrand is a city that is partly on the mainland and partly on an island and you take a ferry that takes barely more than a minute to cross the channel. There are some great houses on the inhabited half and beautiful nature and sea sights on the other half.

Check by yourself.


  1. Ah, Marstrand. Near wild heaven.

  2. Men shit, vilka FINA bilder!!! Ser helt fantastiskt ut!

  3. Anjo: vad roligt att du hittat hit! =)

    Vickie: eller hur? vädret var underbar bara! Nästa år åker vi du, Elvin o jag, OK?

  4. Hé, on n'y était pas allées avec les twins ??