08 October 2009

Fighting the darkness

We're at this time of the year where days are getting significantly and noticeably shorter and shorter and when it's getting dark earlier and earlier (too early?). I guess this is even more noticeable here in Sweden as we're heading towards really shorter days.

Soon we will take out our Xmas lightnings and put more and more candles on the windows. But before that, there is something we can do here. And which I did with some friends yesterday. We drove to Alingsås, a town a few kilometres from Göteborg. They have an annual show called as simply as "Lights in Alingsås". They invite some artists to come and build some lightning projects where they want in the city.

We followed the recommended path through the city guided by Henrik's mother (my friend Henrik is from Alingsås) and we saw some really nice things. I particularly like the park and the cemetary. The bad part is that it was actually smaller than I expected. There was around 6 spots with some installations but I was expected more. Maybe 5 or 6 big and some smaller ones here and there... anyway, it was nice.

The park I like the most

Nice effect by the water

A nice effect on a graveyard


  1. tres cholies photos ma Lolo!

  2. Merci mais pas les miennes! Avec mon petit powershot, j'ai même pas essayé! ;-)

  3. ah ben... tres jolies quand meme!!! a toi de jouer alors...

  4. T'inquiètes ! Bientôt, tu pourras t'y attaquer ! ;-)
    Et comme je suis gentil, je t'ai fait nettoyer le capteur de l'appareil au salon de la photo il y a deux semaines... Tout beau, tout neuf