05 December 2007

Week-end Illustrated

OK, it's wednesday today which means the middle of the week. Which means the week-end is soon there again. Which means it's time to tell about the previous one because it's was quite busy. And because a picture says more than a thousand words and because I really don't feel like writing a lot, here you go again: pictures!

First of all, a good breakfast... the baguette was just as good as in France, the best in Sweden so far. And guess the best, it's just 3 minutes walking from here. Forget Le pain francais where I was going until now, Steinbrenner & Nyberg, here I am!

Then, a Swedish tradition, baking Lussekatter, these small breads with Saffran. Oh so good! Last year I must have eaten some eeeveryday in December. The ones on the pics are the one I actually baked myself (with the help of my friends), just when we took them out from the hoven.

In the evening we had a party for Pablo & Rimma, with me on the picture above, because they are leaving Sweden and moving to Germany. A bit sad because I like them a lot, but that's life.

Nice party with nice people. =)

Then on Sunday I just took it easy and had a walk around in the city to buy a few decoration things to give a Xmas feeling to my flat (see below) and start checking for some presents. Then I paid a visit to Marina who opened a massage centre here in Göteborg in September. This place is pure heaven...

An advent light, the same as last year (the candles as well, yes! :-p) but I like it.

My Xmas tree. Unconventionnal I reckon but since when am I conventionnal? ;-)

Another set of advent lights. Etienne & Gaëlle, remember this one? ;-) I usually have it built as a long range of light but on Sunday I was inspired to do this.


  1. encore des photos lolo!!!! je veux voir la magie de Noyel à la suédoise! et les bonnes patisseries aussi!!!!

  2. Ca te plait ma déco? J'ai mis les dernieres photos en partie pour toi, tu sais. :)

  3. merkiii! ben c'est tout ce que j'aime...!!!