19 November 2009


Which type are you when it comes to buying Xmas presents? Starting in August and done by October or buying everything on the 23rd or December?

I'm somewhere in between, buying most of it at the end of November and usually I am done around the 15-20th of December. One reason for that is that I am usually flying to France around the 20th of December and I like to have all my presents then. So that when I come home I don't have to stress and I can just relax and enjoy being with my family and my friends (and eat good French food of course. :p).

So far I haven't bought much online, Xmas presents I mean. I remember one of my friend who was living in England ordered almost only books from the Internet, books for everyone, had everything shipped to his parents' place and just had to come home, enjoy and share the gifts.

Although I spend a lot (too much) time on the Internet, I don't buy much, mostly travels and cinema tickets. I'm not such a big fan, I want to see the product, feel the material, make sure it doesn't look of feel cheap... But I think I will buy a few presents online this year. And maybe some on this web site: http://www.keepcalmgallery.com/. I really like some of their stuff. Both images in this post are from their website.

The only question is: who gets what?


  1. Vissa julklappar har jag köpt redan i våras.. och i juni :-) Men några är kvar. Det beror ju på vad man ser i butiken, NÄR man ser det. Det är roligare att köpa nåt som är speciellt för en person än att köpa nåt "bara för att köpa" liksom! :-)

  2. När jag skrev "Starting in August and done by October" då skrev jag om dig vännen. Jag vet att du brukar var ute i god tid. To say the least. ;)

  3. Si j'ai droit à un, je préfère le premier!!!!