16 November 2009

What was I thinking?

Another contest. This week you have to guess what I was thinking when I made this face?

This photo was taken this summer by my good friend Virginie (and posted on her blog) when she payed me a 2-weeks visit this august. The other paparazzi, the one on the right also posted about the good time we had (here and here). Both blogs are in French though but a picture says more than a thousand words no? Especially if the words are in the wrong language. So go and check the pictures at least if you're too lazy to check Google Translate.


  1. "Mmmh, I can't wait to drink my delicious cocktail!!!"
    "Mmmh, I do like my new warm cardigan!"
    "Mmmh, why are you shooting me when I'm streching?!"


    Soooo HAPPY time! <3

  2. trop tôt pour 1 cocktail? non non non!!

  3. hum.... un suédois.....