28 August 2009

Farewell Logo for MJ

I was not a biiiig fan of Michael Jackson although I liked his music a lot. I think I am like many of us, hadn't listened to his music for a very long time and gladly re-discovered some of his great work. I didn't want to write anything about him and I found quite annoying all these people writing "Miss MJ" and this kind of silly stuff on Facebook or blogs...

Nevertheless, I found this image this morning and can't stop thinking that it's brilliant. What do you think?

Farewell Logo for Michael Jackson
Source: http://mylescreative.co.za/2009/08/26/farewell-logo-for-michael-jackson/


  1. superbe...!
    on voit de suite que c'est lui.... chapeau!

  2. effectivement c'est très bien vu!