30 August 2009

Holidays: Chapter V

One day during my holidays in France, I went and had a very nice walk in the Pyrenees with my sister and my aunt. Her husband, who is also my godfather, joined us afterwards and we had a veeeery nice lunch. Here are a few pictures of a perfect day. And of my beautiful Pyrenees.

One surprising thing when you're up there is that there are some lamas wandering around freely. They were introduced some years ago and now they reproduce themselves as you can see on the picture above. The baby had such amazing hair, it looked so soft. You almost felt like touching him. Although it was quite clear that the mum wouldn't have appreciated that!

Some well deserved foie gras as a starter of a fabulous lunch in the sun at "Louisette's".

Thanks G for a wonderful day!


  1. Vilken underbar bilder… Du måsta har haft en super bra semester. Och nu din syra tillbacka till town. Hope to see you soon.

    Kram Ingeborg

  2. Mais il y a combien de chapîtres à ces vacances??!!! ;-))

  3. rahhhh... hum... ouaissssssssss!!!!

  4. Ingeborg: Ja! Jag är super glad. :)

    Julie: Il en reste un dernier, Barcelone. T'as vu, j'ai fait plein de trucs en 3 semaines, hein?

    Matt: Ouais, hein? ;-)

  5. La soeur de Lorraine13/9/09 11:33

    My very pleasure!! Thugh I really had to force myself to eat the foie gras ...

  6. Ma soeur: I know, I know. Foie gras is not good... ;-)