03 August 2009

Holidays: Chapter I

First week-end of my holidays. Julie and Frank's wedding. Julie is French and Frank, Norwegian and they got married in Tours where Julie comes from. There were around 60 Norwegians so there was a good mix of guests and it was really cool. Nice weather, nice people, great place, good food, lots to drink, good music and some of my dear dear friends. What else can you actually ask for?

I am not publishing any pics of the bride and groom as I haven't had the chance to ask for their authorisation... Jou & Lou, do you mind? ;)


  1. vas-y ma biche tu peux publier pas de soucis!
    j'adore ton photomontage!

    Gros bisous

  2. Merci choupette! Tu as vu le fond que j'ai choisi j'espère! Pas réussi à faire de cadre framboise par contre... ;)